4 Things Young Self-Made Millionaires Have In Common

Here’s a recent article that I had read, highlighting the 4 things that young self-made Millionaires have in common.


Here are four vital traits young, successful millionaires share, as observed firsthand by Voogd:

  1. They have a sense of urgency.
  2. They find a strong mentor.
  3. They focus on leverage.
  4. They don’t care what other people think.

What jump out at me is the word, LEVERAGE.

Time is money, and while the traditional method of trading your time for a proportional payment will earn you a decent salary, it won’t make you a millionaire. “At some point you have to focus on scaling and leverage,” Voogd says. “Investment properties, membership sites, building a brand, partnerships, affiliate marketing, different types of programs, etc.” Young millionaires maximize their time to make sure they’re always earning as much as possible.

Each of us, no matter what kind of profession you are in, how well off you are, have equally 24 hours a day. No matter what job you take up, you have the same equal 24 hours in order to make money.

The smart things to do next, would be to Leverage. Network marketing enables you to leverage and extend the numbers of hours you are actually making money.

Your day is no longer limited to the 24 hours each of us equally have. You can be sleeping, and you are still making money.

In order to be a successful millionaires, learn from those who succeeded.

Leverage with a sense of urgency under a strong mentorship and don’t listen to the negative things that others say.

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