Builder Packs

When someone first joins Organo Gold as a distributor, he is given an option to purchase a builder pack. This builder pack is a promotional pack that is allowed to be purchased by a distributor only once.

The three builder packs available are

1 – Gold Pack,
2 – Silver Pack,
3 – Bronze Pack.
(However this may vary slightly in certain countries. Eg: in Philippines, they have a total of 5 packs. The normal gold pack there is called Elite Gold Pack)

Benefits of Getting The Promotional Builder Packs

Promotional builder packs are designed to give you the most benefit when first joining Organo Gold:

1) You get a lot of coffee for sampling to prospects

Sampling of coffee to people around you is the most basic & proven method of building business with Organo Gold. For example, the Gold Pack will give you a total of 84 boxes of coffee. You can consume the coffee for yourself & sample out the coffee to your prospects.

2) Immediate qualification of a higher rank & higher commission percentage

You will either be upgraded instantly to Marketing Associate (Bronze Pack) or Consultant (Silver & Gold Pack). For Marketing Consultant, you will earn 10% commission from the Dual-Team bonus. For Consultant (Silver Pack), you will earn 15% while Consultant from Gold Pack will earn 20% commission from the Dual-Team bonus.

A normal distributor (Representative) will only earn from Retail Profits and does NOT qualify to earn Fast Track Bonus, Dual Team Bonus, Unilevel Bonus etc. A Representative has to achieve certain sales volume before being able to upgrade to Marketing Associate or Consultant. Therefore, getting a Builder Pack is a shortcut.

3) Earn commission from those whom you personally enrol

A normal Distributor (Representative) will not earn anything if he/she personally enrol someone to be a Distributor. Any commissions will be passed up (compressed) to the next qualified sponsor.

However, by purchasing any of the builder packs, you are qualified to receive the Start-Up Bonus commission from those whom you personally enrol because the minimum rank to qualify for the Start-Up Bonus is Marketing Associate, which can be immediately achieved by purchasing the Bronze Pack.


Types of Builder Packs

The combination of products in each builder pack differ slightly in each country. On this page, I will only show the breakdown of the builder packs in Malaysia.

1 – Gold Pack (Most recommended)

– Cost: RM$ 3,380 (excluding shipping cost & RM$80 business kit)

– Total CV (commissionable volume): 2700 (Malaysia) / 875 (USA)

– No. of boxes: 84 boxes of coffee
(16 black, 8 Mocha, 30 Latte, 8 Hot Chocolate, 4 Cafe Supreme, 5 King of Coffee, 2 Royal Brewed & 11 Green Tea)

– Immediate qualification of Consultant rank

– Qualifies you for 20% commission in dual-team bonus (Subject to a 60-day qualification period)


This pack is highly recommended because your commission percentage for the dual-team bonus will be the highest. (See video 17 – Why Gold Pack is so important in Organo Gold here)

It will also help you go up the ranks faster.

With the huge number of coffee available, you will be able to sample out to more people (sampling is the most proven, basic method to succeed in this business)


2 – Silver Pack

– Cost: RM$ 1,380 (excluding shipping cost & RM$80 business kit)

– Total CV (commissionable volume): 1100 (Malaysia) / 400 (USA)

– No. of boxes: 35 boxes of coffee
(7 black, 4 Mocha, 10 Latte, 3 Hot Chocolate, 2 Cafe Supreme, 3 King of Coffee & 6 Green Tea)

– Immediate qualification of Cosultant rank

– Qualifies you for 15% commission in dual-team bonus (Subject to a 60-day qualification period)


3 – Bronze Pack

– Cost: RM$ 450 (excluding shipping cost & RM$80 business kit)

– Total CV (commissionable volume): 360 (Malaysia) / 130 (USA)

– No. of boxes: 12 boxes of coffee
(3 black, 1 Mocha, 4 Latte, 1 Hot Chocolate, 1 Cafe Supreme & 2 Green Tea)

– Immediate qualification of Marketing Associate rank

– Qualifies you for 10% commission in dual-team bonus (Subject to a 60-day qualification period)